Glossary: T

Abbreviation for ThingManager.
Short for Time Sensitive Networks.
Acronym for Things as a Service.
An Information Technology concept regarding the long-distance transmission of data. 
The Edge
Or, "Computing at the Edge," is a common way to refer to the location of things that have been pushed away from the core of the data center to the extremes of the network.
A platform for managing real-world Things and their digital representations, with an emphasis on Intranet over Internet.
Things as a Service
The concept of delivering IoT functionality without the end user having to operate or maintain extensive hardware. 
A simplified IPv6-based mesh networking protocol geared to the smart home vertical. 
Tilt Sensing
A MEMS concept referring to the measurement of the inclination or angle of change with respect to gravity. 
Time Sensitive Networks
Networks where connected devices syncronize their clocks with each other and use a common time reference. 
Short for transmitter-receiver. 
Transparent Computing
A characteristic of ubiquitous computing where smart devices respond to users' needs in the background. 
Trolley Problem
A commonly-referenced moral dilemma involving a hypothetical choice between allowing five persons to be killed or switching a trolley to a track that kills a single person. 

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