Glossary: R

Acronym for Resource Description Framework.
RDF Schema
A language for writing ontologies or a domain-specific vocabulary.
Shorthand for RDF Schema.
Acronym for REpresentational State Transfer.
REpresentational State Transfer
REST is a simple, stateless architecture generally running over HTTP by reading a Web page that contains a XML file. 
Abbreviation for Radio Frequency.
Abbreviation for Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics.
Radio Frequency ID. 
Abbreviation for Remote Patient Monitoring.
Short for Random Phase Multiple Access.
Short for Roadside Equipment.
Short for Real-Time Location System.
Radio Frequency
The oscillation of electrical signals in the range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz. 
Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics
A standardized specification for radio frequency-based remote controls for consumer electronics, enabling non line-of-sight communication. 
Random Phase Multiple Access
A low-power, wide-area channel access method, employing direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), used exclusively for M2M communications. 
Raspberry Pi
An inexpensive, credit-card sized personal computer designed so that kids worldwide can learn programming. 
Real-Time Location System
Systems that can identify and track the current position and movements of persons or objects. 
Received Signal Strength
The intensity of the received signal by the Wirless Access Point. 
Remote Patient Monitoring
Technology that enables the realtime measuring and monitoring of a patient's physiological readings in a non-clinical setting, such as at home. 
Resource Description Framework
A general-purpose language for representing information in the Web.
Right to Repair
The ability of a device owner or repairperson to access technical information for fixing that device, superceding IP exclusivity claims by the device manufacturer. 
Roadside Equipment
Components of a V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) implementation that communicate from a stationary location, as opposed to on-board equipment (OBE) located in moving vehicles. 
A portmanteau of "robot" and "boat," this term applies to autonomous floating devices, ranging in size from very small to ocean going vessels. 
Rotation Sensing
A MEMS concept referring to the measurement of how quickly an object turns. 

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