Glossary: P

Acronym for Personal Area Network.
Abbreviation for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning.
Short for Power Distribution Unit.
Short for Permanent Denial of Service.
Acronym for Personal Emergency Response System.
Short for Passive Infrared Sensor.
Programmable Logic Controllers.
Short for Precision Livestock Farming.
Short for Personal Protection Drone.
Abbreviation for Photoplethysmogram.
Short for Polysomnogram or Polysomnography.
Abbreviation for Physical Unclonable Function.
Passive Infrared Sensor
A type of sensor that uses electromagnetic radiation in the low infrared spectrum to detect the movement of objects. 
Short for Predictive Maintenance.
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning
A method of indoor positioning that uses a last known waypoint, distance and direction of travel to calculate the current location of a moving person. 
Pen Testing
Short for Penetration Testing. 
Penetration Testing
A pentest is a method of evaluating the security of a network or system from internal or external threats. 
Peripheral Device
One of the two types of devices defined by the BLE standard. 
Permanent Denial of Service
The terse name given to the process of remotely and maliciously bricking vulnerable IoT devices.
Personal Area Network
Interconnected devices operating in the range of a single person, typically 10 meters. 
Personal Emergency Response System
A mobile duress panic alarm component of a monitoring system, typically for the residential market. 
Personal Protection Drone
A type of drone, or drone swarm, dedicated to an individual's security. 
Personal Safety Wearables
Another name for the category of devices that allow a user to signal for help in an emergency. 
Pervasive Computing
Another term for ubiquitous computing.
A optically obtained plethysmogram using an LED that measures the output volume of an organ, such as the heart. 
Physical Internet
An open global logistics system that encapsulates physical items into modular containers (using the PI symbol) that borrow concepts from internet data transfers. 
Physical Unclonable Function
In chip design, a PUF is a chip-unique challenge-response mechanism utilizing variations in the physical microstructure inside integrated circuits from manufacturing processes. 
Physical Web (The)
Google's open standard to allow IoT devices to communicate via web addresses. 
The industrial process of performing various pipeline maintenance operations, such as cleaning, using a device that is moved through the pipe.
A major piece of technology or software upon which smaller applications or programs are built. 
The process of linking smart vehicles into a train-like convoy, leading to reduced air resistance for vehicles in the platoon and to reduced highway congestion.
Abbreviation for Power over Ethernet.
Short for Power over WiFi.
A comprehensive record of the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep used as a diagnostic tool in sleep medicine. 
Power Distribution Unit
A physical device with multiple outlets that connects electrical power to recipient devices. 
Power over Ethernet
The capability to deliver enough power to operate a device over an Ethernet connection. 
Power over WiFi
A technology that can convert the signals sent by wireless routers into DC (direct current). 
Preboot execution environment
The ability to manage power over a network connection. 
Precision Livestock Farming
The use of sensors for monitoring and early detection of reproduction events and health disorders in animals. 
Predictive Maintenance
The approach to maintaining machines via ongoing monitoring of their underlying health and applying corrective action as needed. 
An Industrial Internet PaaS offering by General Electric that includes cloud, secure connected assets, data management and data science components. 
Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC's are specialized embedded computers that monitor and control physical processes in industrial applications. 
Pulse Oximeter
A sensor that measures oxygen saturation in the blood. 
Abbreviation for Preboot execution environment.

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