Glossary: I

Short for Inter-Integrated Circuit.
Acronym for Industrial Control System.
Acronym for Information and Communication Technologies.
IEEE 802.11
The family of specifications developed by the IEEE for wireless LAN (WLAN) communications, first adopted in 1997. 
IEEE 802.11ac
Approved in January 2014, 802.11ac is a wireless standard for high-throughput wireless local area networks (WLANs) on the 5 GHz band. 
IEEE 802.11ah
A wireless standard that utilizes license-exempt, sub-1 GHz bands to provide long range Wi-Fi networks. 
IEEE 802.11n
Builds on previous 802.11 standards to utilize multiple antennas to increase data rates, adding MIMO to the physical layer. 
IEEE 802.11p
Amends wireless access in vehicular environments (WAVE) to the IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard. 
Short for "If This Then That," the IFTTT service and framework allows for the collection of conditional statements into "applets" that trigger actions. 
Short for Industrial Internet Security Framework.
Short for Industrial Internet of Things.
Acronym for Inertial Measurement Unit.
Short for Inter-Process Communication.
IPC Framework
The collection of tools and interfaces allowing communcation between processes. 
Short for Indoor Positioning System.
An internet protocol intended to replace IPv4.
Abbreviation for Intelligent Transportation System
Acronym for In-Vehicle Infotainment.
Acronym for Infrastructure as a Service.
In-Vehicle Infotainment
Systems integrated into automobiles that deliver both entertainment and information content. 
Indoor Positioning System
A system to locate persons or objects inside buildings, as opposed to GPS which works outdoors. 
Industrial Control System
Computer hardware and software that monitor and control industrial processes that exist in the physical world, where operator-driven supervisory commands can be pushed to remote station devices. 
Industrial Internet Security Framework
Published by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the framework deals with five IIoT characteristics safety, reliability, resilience, security and privacy to help define "trustworthiness" in IIoT systems.
Industrial Internet of Things
A subdiscipline of IoT, encompassing IP-enabled systems such as factory-floor monitoring, HVAC, smart lighting and security. 
Industrie 4.0
Invoking a fourth industrial revolution, Industrie 4.0 creates intelligent manufacturing networks where decentralized smart factories can communicate and react to each other autonomously. 
Inertial Measurement Unit
A MEMS module which measures angular velocity and linear acceleration using an accelerometer triad and an angular rate sensor triad. 
Information and Communication Technologies
The ICT Industry provides access to information through telecommunications. 
Infrastructure as a Service
One of the main categories of Cloud computing services, IaaS provides virtualized computing resources online.
Insurance Telematics
Vehicular tracking devices used by automobile insurance companies to alter rates based on driver behavior. 
Intelligent Transportation System
The application of advanced information and communications technology to surface transportation for enhanced safety and mobility while reducing environmental impacts. 
Inter-Integrated Circuit
I2C, pronounced I-squared-C, is a serial bus the provides communication between sensors and microcontrollers such as the Arduino. 
Inter-Process Communication
An operating system term for mechanisms that allow various processes to share data, including message queues, files, sockets and pipes.
Internet of Battle Things
A military IoT term involving devices sensing, communicating, acting, and collaborating with each other and human warfighters.
Internet of Everything
A term being promoted by Cisco as a variation or extension of IoT. 
Internet of Things
A network of physical devices that are connected via the Internet and that can communicate their status, respond to events or even act autonomously. 
Internet of Things, Services and People
An extension if IoT that keeps people as the decision makers, who program and control the production processes and activities performed by Things. 
Internet of Vehicles
The combination of the IoT with the mobile Internet for the purpose of connecting smart vehicles. 
Intranet of Things
A term coined by Airbus' Carlo Nizam, an Intranet of Things connects an organization's assets, but does not make internal Things directly addressible over the public Internet. 
Short for Internet of Battle Things.
Acronym for Internet of Everything.
Common abbreviation for "Internet of Things." The "o" is typically in lowercase.
Short for Internet of Things, Services and People.
Short for Internet of Vehicles.
Apple's brand name for their beacon technology.

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