Glossary: H

Acronym for Hadoop Distributed File System.
Acronym for Home Energy Management.
Acronym for Home Energy Management System.
Short for Human Internet of Things.
Short for Human-Machine Interface.
Short for Heart Rate Variability.
Abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.
The common designation for the 802.11ah Wi-Fi protocol, operating in the 900MHz band. 
Acronym for Hadoop as a Service.
A Java-based, distributed programming framework for processing large data sets. 
Hadoop Distributed File System
The primary distributed storage used by Hadoop applications. 
Hadoop as a Service
The running of Hadoop in the Cloud, requiring no local hardware or IT infrastucture. 
Haptic Technology
Also referred to as Haptics or "touch feedback," haptic technology applies tactile sensations to human interactions with machines. 
Another, shorter form of Haptic Technology
Headless Car
Tech vernacular for an autonomous car, referring to nobody's head being visible in the driver's seat.
Heart Rate Variability
A measurement of variations in the amount of time between heartbeats using changes in the interbeat interval (IBI). 
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Sometimes grouped with Refrigeration for HVACR, these systems cover both vehicular and indoor comfort control.
Hertzian Environment
Another way of referring to Hertzian Space.
Hertzian Space
A term coined by design academics Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, Hertzian Space refers to the hidden electromagnetic environment generated by the increasing number of wireless devices. 
Short for Heterogeneous Network.
Heterogeneous Network
Small cell networks using both macro and small cells. 
Home Energy Management
The process of increasing energy efficiency and savings for residential customers, ideally within a larger smart grid environment.
Home Energy Management System
Equipment and services that optimize energy utilization in a residential setting while maintaining comfort. 
Human Internet of Things
Another way of expressing the Quantified Self concept, the HIoT refers to the collection and optimization of physiological data from sensors applied to humans, generally with wearable tech.
Human Optimization
The process of using wearables to quantify and optimize employee performance. 
Human-Machine Interface
Devices and software that allow the end user to control a piece of equipment, typically an industrial machine. 

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