Glossary: F

Acronym for Fleet Management.
Acronym for Firmware Over-The-Air.
Short for Field-Programmable Gate Array
A structure that is designed and constructed for a particular purpose, such as a medical facility.
Field-Programmable Gate Array
An integrated circuit (IC) designed to be configured post-manufacture by the end user. 
Firmware Over-The-Air
The process of updating a mobile phone's operating system and software over the network, rather than having the consumer come into a service center for updates.
Fitness Band
A variation of activity tracker worn on the wrist, with sensors specifically related to exercise and activity measuring. 
Fleet Management
A broad term referencing a range of solutions for vehicle-related applications. 
Fog Computing
A term coined by Cisco, Fog Computing is an approach to networking backhaul that places a substantial portion of the data and processing at the edge of the network (on routers) rather than in the Cloud. 
The language a beacon uses to communicate externally. 
An operating system developed by Google primarily for embedded devices, based on a new microkernel called Magenta. 

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