Glossary: E

Acronym for Electronic Control Unit.
Short for Electrodermal Response.
Short for Ephemeral Identifier.
Short for Electronic Logging Devices.
Short for Enterprise Mobile Duress.
From the Chinese company Espressif Systems, the ESP8266 places a complete Wi-Fi network component set or "stack" on a single, tiny and relatively inexpensive chip. 
An open beacon message format (Frame) from Google. 
Edge Computing
Also referred to as Mesh Computing, this concept places applications, data and processing at the logical extremes of a network rather than centralizing them. 
Edge Data Center
A regional facility that provides processing and cache functions as close to end users and IoT devices as possible, primarily to reduce latency. 
Intel's development board, slightly larger than a standard SD-card, targeting the wearable vertical. 
Electrodermal Response
A change in the electrical properties of the skin based on "arousal" factors such as an emotional response. 
Electronic Control Unit
Also known as a node, an Electronic Control Unit is a device such as a sensor or actuator that is connected to other devices via a CAN Bus. 
Electronic Logging Devices
A mandate by the U.S. 
Embedded System
A computer system dedicated to a specific task or tasks, operating within a larger mechanical or electrical system. 
Embrace, Extend and Extinguish
A strategy associated with Microsoft to defeat open standards with proprietary extensions. 
The name given to energy information and delivery networks that are dynamic, distributed, rendundant, and multi-participant. 
Enterprise Mobile Duress
Systems designed to detect personnel emergencies within large facilities such as hospitals or campuses, where determining the physical locaton of persons in distress is a critical issue. 
Ephemeral Identifier
A security feature of Google's Eddystone beacon protocol, EID's are beacon IDs that change frequently. 
A place of business or residence, including its furnishings and people.

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