Glossary: D

Short for Digital to Analog Converter.
Short for Distributed Generation.
Acronym for Do It Yourself. 
DNP3 Protocol
An open, standards-based protocol for the electric utility industry with interoperability between substation computers, RTUs, IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and master stations. 
Short for Digital Out Of Home.
Short for Demand Response or Dead Reckoning.
Short for Dedicated Short-Range Communications.
A user interface that presents key information in a summarized form, often as graphs or other widgets. 
Data Janitor
A less than glamorous subtask of data science concerned with the cleaning up of dirty or duplicative data. 
Data Lake
Coined by Pentaho CTO James Dixon, a data lake is a massive data repository, designed to hold raw data until it's needed and to retain data attributes so as not to preclude any future uses or analysis. 
Data Scientist
A glamorous job that combines statistics and programming, using languages such as R, to make sense of massive data sets. 
A termed coined by Marc Blackmer, datakinesis occurs when an action taken in cyberspace has a result in the physical world. 
The stripping away of personally identifiable information from data prior to its use. 
Dead Reckoning
The calculation of current position using velocity from a previously determined position, or fix. 
Dedicated Short-Range Communications
Wireless communication channels, protocolss and standards specifically designed for automotive applications primarily V2V. 
Degrees of Freedom
An engineering concept used in MEMS that describes the directions in which an object can move, and generally the number of independent variables in a dynamic system.
Demand Response
The voluntary reduction of electricity use by end-users in response to high-demand pricing. 
Deterministic Ethernet
Protocol using time scheduling to bring deterministic real-time communication to Ethernet standard IEEE 802 (802.3, 802.1Q AVB and 802.1Qbv) Ethernet. 
Device Discovery
The process of determining what devices are connected to, and interacting with, a given network, taking into account varieties of protocols. 
Device Layer
A term coined by Qadium, the Device Layer refers to the non-web Internet, used primarily for M2M.
Digital Out Of Home
An advertising concept for dynamic displays, DOOH technologies contribute to Smart Cities through way-finding, public safety displays, proximity services and more.
Digital Twinning
The mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform. 
Digital to Analog Converter
Converts digital data into an analog quantity such as pressure, voltage or current. 
Distributed Assets
A subset of fixed assets that are distributed spacially and require special attributes to locate and manage. 
Distributed Generation
Decentralized, modular and flexible power generation located close to the serviced loads. 
Acronym for Degrees of Freedom
A contraction of Domestic and Robotics. 
The brand name of Zigbee's open, universal language for IoT devices. 

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