Glossary: B

Acronym for Body Area Network.
Acronym for Building Information Modeling.
Abbreviation for Bluetooth Low Energy.
Short for Building Management System.
Acronym for Bring Your Own Device.
Low-cost devices that broadcast a unique identifier using BLE. 
Big Data
Data sets that are so large that they cannot be utilized with traditional database tools. 
A distributed database, based on a ledger of transactions, that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 
Bluetooth LE
Shorthand for Bluetooth Low Energy.
Bluetooth Low Energy
A version of the wireless communications standard that optimizes battery life. 
Bluetooth Mesh
The extension of BLE technology into a mesh topology, extending the range of Bluetooth by having network traffic hop from node to node. 
Body Area Network
A wireless network of wearable computing devices and physiological sensors, which may even be embedded inside the body. 
A collection of devices infected with malware that can be coordinated to perform tasks in massive volumes. 
Slang term for accidentally rendering a device inoperable by changing its configuration or shorting one of its circuits. 
A variation of IoT malware that "bricks" the affected device, rendering it useless. 
An underlying operating system for the IoT developed by Google, supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Android-based things. 
Bring Your Own Device
Enterprise term recognizing that people are bringing their own Wi-Fi enabled devices into corporate networks.
Building Information Modeling
The creation and management of a digital representation of the functions and structures for a facility. 
Building Management System
Consisting of both software and hardware, a BMS monitors and control's a building's electrical and mechanical equipment such as HVAC, illumination and access control. 
Frequently used in embedded devices, BusyBox is a single-file collection of tiny versions of common UNIX utilities. 

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