Glossary: A

Acronym for Access Control as a Service.
Acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
Short for Analog to Digital Converter.
Short for Automotive Dead Reckoning.
Short for Advance Message Queuing Protocol.
Abbreviation for (Wireless) Access Point.
Short for Application Programming Interface.
Short for Asset Performance Management.
Acronym for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits.
Abbreviation for Application Specific Sensor Nodes.
Short for Amazon Web Services.
Acceleration Sensing
A MEMS concept referring to the increase in movement of an object from one point to another along a straight line or axis. 
Access Control
A system that determines who, when and where people are allowed to enter or exit a facility or area. 
Access Control as a Service
A recurring fee-based system where a facility manager outsources electronic access control to a third party. 
Access Point
A WiFi node that allows users entry to a network, typically a LAN.
Activity Tracker
A device combined with an application to record and analyze physiological metrics such as heartrate, sleep quality, skin temperature, calories burned and more. 
In an electromechanical system, an actuator is a device that introduces motion by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. 
Additive Manufacturing
The industry-specific term for 3D Printing, involving building products by adding layers rather than the traditional technique of removing material via milling. 
Advance Message Queuing Protocol
An open standard for sending and receiving messages between applications or organizations. 
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Digital features incorporated into vehicles to enhance driver safety and performance. 
An open and interoperable proximity beacon specification. 
Acronym for Ambient Intelligence.
Amazon Web Services
The name given to a collection of remote computing services that combine to make a cloud computing platform.
Ambient Intelligence
Sensor filled environments that interpret and react to human events and activity, learning to adapt over time the environment's operation and services based on that activity.
A signal or piece of information that is derived from a continous measurement or range of values. 
Analog to Digital Converter
Takes a continuous measurement, such as voltage or pressure, and converts it to a digital quantity. 
Android Things
An operating system for IoT devices that is a rebranded version Google Brillo. 
Android Wear
An open source platform that extends the Android system to wearables. 
Anomaly Detection
A statistical technique that determines what patterns are normal, and then identifies items that do not conform to those patterns. 
Application Programming Interface
A collection of commands and protocols used to interact with an operating system, device or specific software component. 
Application Specific Sensor Nodes
Integrating sensors and sensor fusion in a single device, ASSN's have a built-in intelligence to cope with the complexity of applying multiple sensors to a specific problem such as augmented reality, navigation, positioning and more. 
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Chips designed and customized for a particular use. 
A single-board microcontroller used for prototyping without having to deal with breadboards or soldering. 
Asset Performance Management
A system that monitors and analyzes the contribution of plant, equipment and parts to an organization's overall production and margins. 
Asset Tracking
A system capable of recognizing and reporting the location and movement of physical items. 
Automotive Dead Reckoning
Also known as Dead Reckoning for Automotive Applications, ADR can employ sensors aware of record wheel rotation and steering direction in addition to inertial sensors to caculate position. 
An anxiety disorder associated with autonomous cars and other autonomous systems. 

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