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22 listings. Sensors in public places will revolutionize traffic flow, waste collection, public safety, energy use and more. Utopian dreams or dystopian nightmare?

Array of Things (AoT)
Chicago, IL. A network of interactive, modular sensor boxes ("nodes") that collect real-time, open data on a city's environment, infrastructure, and activity for research, policy, and public use.
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CIMCON Lighting
Billerica, MA. Uses LED smart lighting to create a wireless sensor network and platform, enabling variety of smart city applications to manage outdoor lighting, monitor air quality, improve public safety, and more.
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ClouT Project
ClouT, which stands for Cloud of Things, is a joint European-Japanese ICT project that offers a virtualization framework to provide an uniform way of representing smart city data sources such as IoT devices.
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Dubai, UAE. Develops AI and IoT based solutions for the smart city and traffic safety verticals.
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Paris, Fra. Employs contactless technologies (Beacons, BLE, NFC, QR code, WiFi) to transform urban, passive physical assets (street furniture, bus stops, public lighting, etc.) into smart, connected objects.
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Envision America
Charlotte, NC. National non-profit dedicated to accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies that tackle energy, water, waste, and air challenges.
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Intelligent Buildings
Charlotte, NC. Founded in 2004, Intelligent Buildings provides planning and implementation management of next generation strategy for new buildings, existing portfolio optimization and smart community projects.
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Intelligent Community Forum
New York, NY. A global network of cities and regions, centered by a think tank with a mission to help communities use ICT to create inclusive prosperity, to tackle social and governance challenges and to enrich quality of life. Offers annual Intelligent Community Awards.
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Microsoft CityNext
Redmond, WA. A Microsoft initiative giving citizens and government employees access to better, smarter and healthier cities via services such as Azure for IaaS and PaaS.
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MIT SENSEable City Laboratory
Cambridge, MA. A research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that studies the way sensors and hand-held electronics are altering the urban landscape.
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New York Smart + Equitable City Guidelines
New York, NY. Guidelines for the responsible deployment of connected devices and IoT technologies in a coordinated and consistent manner, encompassing Privacy + Transparency, Data Management, Infrastructure, Operations + Sustainability, and security. The guidelines have been adopted by other cities.
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Parkeon Inc.
Besancon, Fra. A global smart city solution provider focusing on the parking and transit industries. Solutions include multi-space parking meters, mobile phone payment, ticket vending machines, fare collection devices and fare validation.
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Toronto, ON. Connected rainbarrels ("smart cisterns") provide lot-level runoff control, creating a smart grid for stormwater. At the property level, stored water is accessable for non-potable use.
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Montreal, QC. A sensing-based platform that assesses the integrity and natural hazard vulnerability of infrastructures based on data from sensors deployed on structure surfaces, rather than rely on visual inspection.
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Sunnyvale, CA. A leader in Light Sensory Network (LSN) technology, Sensity embeds sensing and networking technology within both retrofit and new LED luminaires under the NetSense brand. Acquired by Verizon in September, 2016.
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Sidewalk Labs
A subsidiary of Alphabet, Sidewalk Labs is building a platform and set of urban applications to accelerate innovation in cities around the world.
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Smart Citizen
Barcelona, Esp. Offers an open source, geolocation-based technology for citizens' political participation in smarter cities. A global map shows the locations of the various sensors.
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Dublin, IRL. Provides intelligent monitoring for waste and recycling management companies as a SaaS solution. The plug & play SmartBin UBi device wirelessly reports fill-level, temperature & geopositioning of waste containers.
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London, UK. Provides a centralized source of intelligence about the infrastructure unpinning smart communities, in addition to hosting seminars, conferences and exhibitions.
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Ottawa, ON. Enables the collection and processing of traffic data using wireless sensors backed by a powerful analytics platform. Products include TrafficTab, TrafficBox, and TrafficXHub.
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Argonne, IL. A project at Argonne National Laboratory for a wireless sensor system aimed at enabling a new breed of smart city research and sensor-driven environmental science. Designs from Waggle are used by the Array of Things project.

World SmartCity Forum
A community and forum organized by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in partnership with ISO and ITU, working towards significant efficiency improvements by physically and virtually connecting city systems.
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