Smart Grid

14 listings. A new way of managing and distributing energy requires new communications technologies, power sources, generation models and cross-jurisdictional regulatory structures.

Bangalore, Ind. Enables Smart Grid Communication and Optimization with products and solutions for Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Utilities.
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Redwood Shores, CA. Offers a suite of Energy Internet applications that allows utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers and energy service providers to manage networked Distributed Energy Resources in real time and at scale.
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Herzeliya, Isr. Provides Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security solutions, including Energy Firewall and Energy Cerebrum, focusing on on the last-mile of distributed energy assets.
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Smart Grid Magazine
Manchester, UK. Provides news, research and analysis on key developments and innovation in smart grid technologies. Company spotlights provided for key industry players.
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IEEE Smart Grid
Washington, DC. Brings objective coordination among the huge cast of public and private organizations to contribute to the smart grid's development.
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San Francisco, CA. A Demand Response service and app that pays the user or a favorite non-profit for reducing electricity usage during "OhmHour". The service can integrate with Nest, Tesla and various connected devices.
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Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP)
Facilitates a standards-based grid modernization in the United States and internationally.
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Smart Grid Today
Rockville, MD. independent subscription-based newsletter covering the digital energy and modern utility industries. Published by Modern Markets Intelligence, Inc.
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Grid Connect
Naperville, IL. Seller of embedded and network hardware such as CAN Adapters, Serial Converters, Sensor Probes and more. An ISO 9001:2008 company and member of the Industrial Internet Consortium.
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Smart Grid News
A publication of FierceMarkets, Smart Grid News provides news analysis for the modernization and automation of electric power. 3x/weekly email subscription available.
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Organized by PennWell Events. Smart Utility conference and expo, covering smart grids, SCADA, automation and control systems.
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European Utility Week
Organized by Synergy Events. Conference and exhibition for smart meters and smart grids.
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Smart Grid World Summit
An annual event that provides practical guidance and strategic advice on Smart Grid Technology and Applications. Organized by Consumer and Media Intelligence, LTD.
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Telit Wireless Solutions
Trieste, It. An enabler of M2M globally, Telit operated Products include cellular, GPS|Glonass and short-range technologies.
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