26 listings. Billions of devices should not mean billions of attack vectors. This section covers firms working to secure the IoT.

Trusted IoT Alliance
Using a decentralized model, works to enable trust in the data produced by IoT systems in a distributed ledger/blockchain agnostic fashion.
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CUJO Smart Firewall
El Segundo, CA. CUJO uses machine learning to secure home devices ranging from tablets and PCs, to TVs and baby monitors.
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San Francisco, CA. Offers mission-critical IoT security software for embedded systems. Mocana's cryptographic engines were were awarded FIPS Certification by NIST.
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Mountain View, CA. Provides real-time visibility into IoT infrastructure to reveal existing vulnerabilities and threats. ZingBox also generates IoT logs that can be sent to a SIEM.
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Herzeliya, Isr. Provides Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security solutions, including Energy Firewall and Energy Cerebrum, focusing on on the last-mile of distributed energy assets.
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Offers an IoT security monitoring tool that can identify and monitor embedded devices connected to a network to spot anomalous or malicious behavior.
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San Francisco, CA. Seeded by DARPA, Qadium solves the problems of generating data and knowledge about the "device layer" of the Internet, acting like a search engine for IoT. Qadium's Expander allows organizations to see their entire connected system.
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A software vendor providing cybersecurity and situation awareness solutions dedicated to industrial networks and the Internet of Things.
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Chain of Things
Explores all security applications within blockchain IoT and looks at the development of open-standards for the industry to use. The consortium organizes events and seeks a "future resistant" open protocol solution to the looming security threat posed by tens of billions of connected devices.
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IoT Trustworthy Working Group
Bellevue, WA. Formed in early 2015, the ITWG group focuses on privacy, security and sustainability.
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Connect In Private Corp.
Panama, Pan. Offers a patented Certificate-Less Authentication and Encryption (CLAE) as an asymmetric encryption algorithm for use with connected cars, smart meters, smart cities, IoT, authentication, and more.
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Berkshire, UK. Cryptosoft's data security platform eliminates the use of vulnerable, hard to manage, static certificates and delivers dynamic device based authentication and data centric security for IoT payloads. Users can leverage Symantec's new Roots of Trust (RoT) for IoT devices.
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Device Authority
Fremont, CA. For IoT, Device Authority's D-FACTOR technology eliminates the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of static keys/certificates by transforming devices into dynamic keys for authentication and device-derived crypto applications.
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Uses behavior analytics to identify, manage and mitigate cyber threats across IoT devices. A Microsoft Ventures startup.
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A search engine for devices connected to the Internet, Shodan was originally founded as a market intelligence tool. The service can be used to detect unsecured things such as industrial control systems, web cameras and more.
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IoT Security Foundation
A collaborative, vendor-neutral, international initiative aspiring to be the expert resource for sharing knowledge, best practice and advice on securing the Internet of Things.
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Webroot IoT Security Toolkit
Broomfield, CO. The WST provides cloud-based, real-time threat intelligence services (BrightCloud) and intelligent cybersecurity device agents to enable IoT/IIoT solution designers and system integrators.
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F-Secure IoT
Helsinki, Fin. A blog to discuss smart home security and privacy issues of connected devices and the IoT.
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Atlanta, GA. with a patent-pending, full scale solution, Bastille Networks is the first security company to detect and mitigate IoT threats. Bastille safely and privately scans a corporation's air space, making every RF-emitting device on a premise visible to security personnel.
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London, UK. Oxford IT Security (OXITS) offers an incident response team in IT Security for Wearables & IoT.
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Offers the bWare secure managed software platform that connects the myriad of information reporting devices being adding to enterprises.
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Sansa Security
Tel Aviv, Il. Offers a unified, scalable security solution across both IoT and mobile platforms from connected lightbulbs to jet engines. Formerly Discretix Technologies Ltd.
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The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team works to reduce risks within and across all critical infrastructure sectors, issuing alerts and newsletters.
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Security Ledger
An independent security news website dedicated to exploring the intersection of IoT with cyber security, business and commerce.
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Security of Things
SECoT brings together thought leaders, executives, security researchers and entrepreneurs. Hosted by The Security Ledger.
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The largest source for information security training in the world, SANS offers certifications via GIAC in addition to numerous events, conferences, online security training, free security white papers and research.
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