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Smart Farm Software
A site offering links to resources on Farm Management Software, Farming Drones, Computer Devices, Precision Farming, and more.
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IoT Agenda
Newton, MA. Presents the latest Internet of Things news, advice and features from an editorial team and exclusive contributor network.
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Journal of Things
Chicago, IL. The corporate blog for Thabble, LLC. and a resource for decision makers to discuss and learn about technology related to the IoT, M2M, IIoT, Big Data, and more.
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IoT Journal
Hauppauge, NY. Launched in 2014 by RFID Journal LLC, the online publication's mission is to help companies use IoT technologies to collect data on their environment, enhance products, automate processes, and more.
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A search engine for devices connected to the Internet, Shodan was originally founded as a market intelligence tool. The service can be used to detect unsecured things such as industrial control systems, web cameras and more.
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IoT Central
An online resource that connects a community of individuals, organizations and businesses who are focused on products, services, and opportunities in the Internet of Things era.
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IoT Mashups
Amsterdam, Nld. Provides research into and profiles of enterprise IoT, IoT companies and various connected devices.
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Based on the REST model, the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP, RFC 7252) is a specialized web transfer protocol for use with constrained nodes and constrained networks in the IoT.
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A European Union FP7 project, BUTLER emphasises pervasiveness, context-awareness and security for IoT. The project will substantially contribute to the advancement of Ambient Assisted Living and Human-Building Interaction.
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All The Internet Of Things
Scours the web and posts content about the Internet of Things by the minute. Everything that's found is placed on the site. Newsletter available.
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Internet of Things Directory
Provides lists of key companies worldwide, focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), near-field communications (NFC) and connected device sectors.

IoT Open Platforms
Documents interoperability, relationships, and reference to existing use cases, infrastructures and deployments of IoT applications. This proposed "platform of platforms" originated from the European Project BUTLER (FP7).
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Machina Research
London, UK. Provides market intelligence and strategic insight to help MNO's, device vendors, infrastructure vendors and service providers maximize opportunities from the IoT, M2M and Big Data markets.
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A place to get started on building with electronics such as Arduino, including libraries on GitHub.
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#IoT Hashtag
Twitter query for #IoT. Posts roughly every few minutes.

AT&T Dev Program
Mobile development API's, SDK, forum and blog for AT&T products.
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IoT World
UBM Tech. A collection of blogs and resources that provide news, training, and analysis on the IoT industry.
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IoE Value Index
Cisco publishes an Internet of Everything dashboard, viewable by country.
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Internet of Things Keyword
Enterprise Tech, which covers extreme scale, Big Data, and high performance computing, has articles that include the "Internet of Things" as a keyword.

Whole Building Design Guide
Offering Resource Pages, reductive summaries on particular topics, government and industry practitioners with one-stop access to up-to-date information on a wide range of building-related guidance, criteria and technology.
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A I R Lab
Stanford University's Ambient Intelligence Research Lab studies applications such as aging-in-place, personal recommendation systems in smart offices and occupancy-aware smart buildings. The results will fuse the digital and physical worlds, enabling context-aware personalized services.

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments
An IOS Press Journal. The JAISE serves as a discussion forum for the latest developments on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Smart Environments (SmE). Applications covered include health care, education, smart homes and smart buildings.
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RDF Vocabulary Description Language
This W3C specification describes how to use RDF to describe RDF vocabularies.

The Whole Building Design Guide has reference pages on COBie, a standard for building documentation.
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Consumer Electronics Association
With a mission is to grow the consumer electronics industry, the CEA has over 2,000 members and produces the International CES.
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I-O-T : INTERNET Of THINGS / Internet des Objets
A LinkedIn group (private) and blog in both English and French, with extensive tagging in both languages.
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M2M Magazine
London, UK. Magazine for Machine-to-Machine Communications Applications in Automotive, Healthcare, Smart Grid & Manufacturing.
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Project Haystack
An open source initiative developing tagging conventions and taxonomies for building equipment, building systems and related intelligent devices.
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