13 listings. Sites related to Near Field Communications, an essential component of monitizing mobile Things.

Bristol, UK. Produces medical alert wristbands, cards, key fobs and stickers using NFC for tracking in both the medical and pet verticals.
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Elatec RFID Systems
Munich, Ger. Manufactures universal short range reader/writers covering all current RFID technologies + NFC, Bluetooth and SmartCards with worldwide certifications.
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Seattle, WA. Specializes in wireless sensors and tags using NFC, BLE and QR codes, providing the hardware and software to help companies develop and deploy IoT projects.
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Toronto, Ont. A custom NFC solutions provider for cashless payments, events, e-passport readers, interactive screens, inventory management and construction. Sells the Tappy reader along with a variety of NFC tracking tags.
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Automatic Garage Door Automatic Monitoring And Controlling System Based On The Internet of Things Concept And Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology
Huang Yue, et. al. A method and system are provided for remotely monitoring the open and close status of a garage door via the Internet based on the Internet of Things concept and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

NFC Solutions Summit
Annual conference that looks at NFC devices and add-ons, the status of the growing NFC ecosystem, FC security, the growth of NFC-enabled payments and other applications. Organized by the Smart Card Alliance.

NFC World Congress
Organized by Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia. Part of World Smart Week. Explores the emerging ways people shop, spend money, travel, connect and play via the mobile proximity technologies: NFC, QR Code, Bluetooth LE, HCE/Cloud-based and LBS.
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NFC & Mobile Money Summit
Organized by GSMA. Covers aspects of emerging payment technologies, with an emphasis on networking with industry leaders.
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Meyreuil, Fr. Offers several NFC solutions for use by MNO's, handset manufacturers and SIM manufacturers, including Open NFC, SecuRead and MicroRead.
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Paterna, Es. Produces a vWand stylus that can read and write NFC tags, used in Alzheimers' care. Member of the Small Cell Forum.
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NFC World
A publication dedicated to the Near Field Communications industry, including news, directories and events. SJB Research Ltd.
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NFC Forum
A non-profit industry association promoting the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and PCs. The group, which publishes multiple specifications, is the proponent of the N-Mark icon.
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Gemalto NV
Amsterdam, Nl. Provides fundamental security for M2M, financial services, retail, transportation, telecom and access control. Technology includes NFC, biometics and EMV.
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