16 listings. IoT divisions or initiatives within larger corporations, as opposed to companies dedicated purely to IoT.

Parker Voice of the Machine
Cleveland, OH. Parker Hannifin's VOM is a centralized strategy to ensure standardization across all Parker IoT-empowered products.
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Cisco Data and Analytics
San Jose, CA. Combines data at the edge and data in motion with the power of Cisco's networking expertise to create analytics solutions for better outcomes. Products include Data Preparation, Data Virtualization, and ParStream.
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GE Digital Industrial's cloud-based PaaS enables industrial-scale analytics for asset performance management (APM), operations, and business.
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Honeywell Home
Products include thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners, leak detectors, and light timers for the smart home. This division, separate from Honeywell Connect, sells certain products under the Lyric brand.
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Watson Internet of Things
Armonk, NY. IBM's initiative helps enterprises gain deeper insights from Internet of Things data with cognitive computing.
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Sidewalk Labs
A subsidiary of Alphabet, Sidewalk Labs is building a platform and set of urban applications to accelerate innovation in cities around the world.
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Intel IoT
Santa Clara, CA. Intel's IoT offerings include the Edison Board, Galileo Board, Curie wearable, IoT gateways, sensors, IoT Developer Kit and more.
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Honeywell Get Connected
Once primarily under the Evohome brand, Honeywell smart thermostats' Total Connect feature control via mobile devices, connection alerts, 5-day forecasts, IFTTT support and more.
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A suite of wearable devices, serving as a single point of entry into a person's digital life, transforming everyday products into futuristic, state of the art accessories.
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Samsung IoT
Menlo Park, CA. Samsung's goals are to minimize fragmentation and enable faster adoption via an open platform for IoT.
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Microsoft IoT
Redmond, WA. The MS website offers general IoT information and links to whitepapers. The developer program is located at a different URL.
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Oracle IoT
Oracle Java Embedded is a standardized software platform for IoT, including M2M. The platform delivers Java-enabled intelligent systems.
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Eclipse IoT
A portal where developers can learn about Eclipse technologies that make IoT development simpler. Projects include Koneki, Eclipse SCADA, Mosquitto, Paho, Krikkit, Wakaama, OM2M, Eclipse SmartHome and more.
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Combining hands-free technology, smartphones, and a Nissan's display screen, NissanConnect is associated with a growing list of apps that play music, monitor social networks, and provide local content. Nissan also offers a SmartWatch.
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Industrial Internet
GE's blog to push the concept of the Industrial Internet. Covers topics such as big data and cloud storage.
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Cisco Internet of Things
This website describes how Cisco connects the unconnected with an open standard, integrated architecture, from the cloud to end devices.
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