18 listings. These proximity devices present opportunities for applications such as indoor positioning and smart retail.

Paris, Fra. Offers a content management system for Bluetooth beacons and geofencing applications. The app is able to turn a mobile device into a beacon for testing and development.
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Paris, Fra. Employs contactless technologies (Beacons, BLE, NFC, QR code, WiFi) to transform urban, passive physical assets (street furniture, bus stops, public lighting, etc.) into smart, connected objects.
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Beijing, Chn. Founded at the Microsoft Ventures' accelerator July 2013, Sensoro is building a large sensor network, supports Eddystone-EID, and offers the Yunzi iBeacon sensor.
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New York, NY. An end-to-end proximity marketing and analytics product using BLE beacon technology. Use cases include retail, museums, hotels, restaurants, and more.
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Rome, Ita. A cloud CMS designed for easy management of Estimote and and other types of beacons, becoming a reference system to implement proximity scenarios.
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iBeacon Insider
Presents news and resources on iBeacon and BLE technologies, software and applications. Not Affiliated with Apple, Inc.
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Elwood, VIC. Enables businesses to deeply engage with consumers based on proximity through the use of iBeacons, NFC Tags, TapBoards, QR codes and smartphones.
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Onyx Beacon
Cluj-Napoca, Rom. iBeacon solution covering micro-location, proximity marketing, analytics on in-store behavior, asset tracking, engagement for event attendees and smart public transport.
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Google Eddystone
Mountain View, CA. Google developers can use the Eddystone open beacon specification to manage the BLE frame format for proximity beacon messages. The specification is available at GitHub under the open-source Apache v2.0 license.
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Washington, DC. The patented (9,037,161) BeaconOutlets are Bluetooth Proximity Sensors (BPS) similar to GPS satellite, but designed for indoor use such as RTLS or mobile engagement. Formerly Smarter Socket.
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Tokyo, Jpn. A complete iBeacon solution, in the shape of cubes, plus a BaaS with oAuth to secure data transfer from apps.
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An open and interoperable specification for proximity beacons, AltBeacon defines the format of the advertisement message that BLE proximity beacons broadcast. The spec is free for to implement, with no royalty or fees.
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Bath, UK. Offers free tools to develop iBeacon-enabled apps for retail, schools, museums, coffee shops and more, without writing code.
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Boston, MA. List and rent beacon networks. The BeaconsInSpace RESTful API provides access to existing beacon networks in the wild.
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Krakow, Pol. A beacon/iBeacon platform bringing ocation data into the cloud. Physical products are the Tough Beacon, Cloud Beacon and Bluetooth Beacon.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL. Offers a Bluetooth beacon management framework that connects unconnected things via intelligent beacon networks (enabled by BEEKS Bluetooth beacons). Micro-location technology triggers smartphone events based on how close the user is to a beacon.
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Location & Context World
Informa Telecoms and Media. Covering the next generation in Personalized Computing, the conference has discussions and talks around proximity and beacons and the future of privacy.
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Krakow. Offers Estimote Beacons, small sensors that can be placed in settings such as a retail store. The Beacons' signals can be picked up by consumers' smartphones, which can display welcome messages or coupons.
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